Mundo Lanugo en Navidad App Launch

Mundo Lanugo launches an exciting new app just in time for the Navidad holiday season. Mundo Lanugo en Navidad – Merry Christmas Games in Spanish is an app aimed at reaching young children in the Hispanic community. Through the use of fun and interactive Christmas themed games, the app helps to teach children Spanish language skills.

Founder and CEO, Carla Curiel, states “As with all Lanugo, Inc products your children will build character, confidence, and kindergarten readiness, while fostering an understanding of culture, identity, and language by being immersed in the happiest season of all: Navidad.” Mundo Lanugo en Navidad helps preschool-aged children gain confidence as they navigate through the games celebrating the enchanting Navidad season. The children will be able to listen to Latino Christmas carols, known as Villancicos, learn to cook favorite traditional Latino dishes, dress up different characters such as the Virgin Mary or elves known as Reyes Magos and even decorate a gingerbread house. This app does not include any in-app purchase options. There is only the one-time download fee of $1.99. But the best thing about the app is that the children will be having so much fun they won't even realize that they are learning.

The app is not the only way children can interact with Mundo Lanugo during this holiday season. Each week Mundo Lanugo is uploading charming new videos of Villancicos to their YouTube channel. Just recently their channel reached the 10 million views milestone. This provides the whole family with a way to create holiday memories by watching these entertaining videos together.

Mundo Lanugo strives to reach out and connect with the Hispanic preschool community through all of their products. The core curriculum that is in Mundo Lanugo en Navidad is apparent in all of their other products as well. They strive to provide tools to help parents teach Hispanic cultural awareness and pride to their young children.