WIN Welcomes Six Startups Looking to Change the Landscape of Women in Miami Tech

Our Technology WINners in Miami this year make up the largest startup segment, with six tech entrepreneurs joining this year’s cohort. These forward-thinking women are out to improve various aspects of life with their products, which range from an innovative breast pump to faster audio transcription software. These entrepreneurs are breaking into the health, education, communications, and hospitality tech industries. Our Miami WINners have a vision for the technology of tomorrow and we’re excited to help them on their journeys. This year’s Miami Technology WINners are:

Noreen Sablotsky - Imalac - Head Shot.jpg
Maxeme Tuchman - Caribu - Head Shot.jpg
Rachael Kish - Imalac - Head Shot.jpg
Ana Maria Carrano - VOYZ.ES - Head Shot.JPG
Susan Perry - SpeechMED - Head Shot.jpg
Madeline Daryadel - Wedding QuickQuote - Head Shot.pdf.jpg
Sonia Hinestrosa - Impetus Social - Head Shot.JPG

Noreen Sablotsky and Rachael Kish of Imalac

Imalac is a healthcare technology company focused on increasing the efficiency and practicality of breast pumping for lactating women primarily by coupling our hands free breast massage system with the use of an electric pump.

Susan Perry of SpeechMED Inc.

SpeechMED Inc. is an innovative tech company that has built a patient engagement platform for healthcare. We make healthcare information accessible to all patients regardless of their age, language, or literacy levels by reading their information in the language they understand.

Sonia Hinestrosa of Impetus Social

Impetus Social is an education technology company providing critical skills in areas like Digital Literacy, STEM, Leadership and Financial Literacy. Our scalable learning solution empowers organizations in the Latin American region to impart knowledge around critical topics in classrooms, offices and in the community.

Maxeme Tuchman of Caribu

Caribu is a communication & collaboration platform (like FaceTime meets Kindle) that helps parents, extended family, and mentors read & draw with children when they’re not in the same location.

Ana Maria Carrano of

VOYZ.ES is an agile and collaborative transcription platform for voices that tell stories. It allows users to transcribe audio and video content fast, with high accuracy and affordable rates, using machine learning and crowdsourcing.

Madeline Daryadel of Wedding QuickQuote

Wedding QuickQuote is an extranet software program featured on a social venue site. The WQQ expedites the search & sales process providing an Internet user researching wedding sites with an instant reply to an online inquiry. Solving the most common complaint “poor response time” while the venue receives a pre-qualified lead.