Fashion-focused. This is one industry, combined.


As an industry-agnostic accelerator program, the Lab brings in a diverse set of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial endeavors. Blasting through the Zuckerberg-esque image of the startup CEO, we're putting the camera back into real-world-focus by highlighting some up-and-coming women-led startups.

Today, we dive into fashion.

Whether bold stripes are your camouflage of choice or you prefer the soft scent of orange peel drifting effortlessly from your accessories, this lineup will have you saying "ohhhhh!" when you look in the mirror.

Founded by a true Parisienne who landed in Boston, Cecile Thieulin of Simone Simon creates beautiful pieces using a military camouflage technique coupled with unique comfortable fabric. Her bold black and white stripes accentuate what you want, rather than what you don't. The history of this camouflage technique can be pondered while you turn heads through this designer's embodiment of the chic Parisian spirit.

Angela Sanchez, CEO of Artyfactos, works with artisans in her home country of Colombia to bring back exquisite pieces of jewelry created combining love and social responsibility. Using incredibly unique and light-weight materials, like orange peel and seeds, Angela is proud that her pieces come from safe, natural, and recycled materials while creating employment for artisans in Latin America. 

While orange-peel may be your cup-of-tea, if you're also on the hunt for motherhood accessories, we beg you to put that diaper bag down. Mishell Ekunsirinde of Stina and Mae chose the maternal accessories niche to make functional life easier for those on the journey of motherhood. Their products are made from anti-microbial vegan leather and crafted in the United States with a fine-eye for design and detail. She even thought about that much-needed embellishment of metal feet so your bag doesn't have to touch that dirty bathroom floor. 

For those who take special care to find that extra sparkle in the morning, perhaps slipping on one of these will help. Jaimie Nicole, jewelry designer and CEO, has developed a beautiful line of accessories influenced by the vibrant cultures she is exposed to in Miami. Taking everyday luxury, and mixing it with simplicity, these accessories are always on-trend, while staying everlasting.

More Miami fashion has been styled by BAMMIES co-founder Julia Ford-Carther who has developed a chic, elevated-comfort brand effortlessly combining business and jammies (BAMMIES). With the belief that women should be comfortable in their own skin, this versatile fashion brand has been developed to keep you comfortable without giving up your sense of style.