Excelling in Education and Training, Meet These Three Startups

Whether they’re encouraging workplace diversity or helping you find a career path that suits you, this year’s three Education/Training WINners are dedicated to promoting learning in Boston and beyond. These entrepreneurs recognize that the only way to change society is to educate people and help them think differently about what’s possible. They believe in the power of learning, both by developing the next generation of entrepreneurs and by bettering our workplaces with happier employees. Education is often said to be the key to a brighter future, and these entrepreneurs are certainly looking to ensure that future is blazing. Our Education/Training WINners for 2017 are:

Blake Sims Entrepreneurship Education.jpeg
Yulkendy Valdez.jpg
Shannon O'Brien.jpg

Blake Sims of Epiic Solutions LLC
Epiic Solutions creates unique learning experiences for students, educators and schools to help them explore entrepreneurship, innovation and design thinking.

Yulkendy Valdez of Project 99
Project 99 enables diverse millennial talent to be at the forefront of cultural change within leading organizations. We help companies run internal, cohort-based leadership programs that equip their high-potential millennials to harness their collective energy and talent to tackle racial equity in the workplace. Through this work, we will achieve our vision of 30% racial and ethnic diverse leadership across the corporate sector by 2030.

Shannon O’Brien of Whole U.
Whole U. is a career & life coaching platform that supports job seekers to pursue their life's work. Ranked #1 Career Coach in Boston on Yelp, Whole U.™ advising programs and educational media have helped clients from over 22 countries, to find the clarity, confidence & connections to live a balanced, purposeful life.

AUTHOR: Mira Kennedy