5 Q's with Nathalie Cadet James, Founder of Luxe Fete Social


"Impossible only means that I have not found the solution yet."

- Nathalie Cadet James, Founder of Luxe Fete Social

Have you always wanted to throw the perfect dinner party? We sat down with Nathalie Cadet James, founder of Luxe Fete Social, which provides a dinner party in a box rental that's sure to make your host/hostess dreams come true.

Q. What prompted you to start Luxe Fete Social?

As an international event planner and designer, I get to travel the world to produce beautiful parties in exciting locations and I realized - not many people can remember the last time they went to a spectacular dinner party. The art of the intimate dinner party is dead because it’s simply too much work and time to create an experience, much less create one that is “Instagram worthy.” So I created Luxe Fête Social, a dinner party in a box rental service.  I know the X Factor. We have placed that magic in our dinner parties for rent. We enable anyone to experience their aspirational dream of throwing a fabulous dinner party in their own home, hassle free. We offer curated themed dinners that include anything and everything one would need to be the ultimate host or hostess. Think of it as the Rent the Runway for Dinner Parties.

Q. What is one of the most important things you have learned while building your venture?

One of the most important things I have learned is that one must build a solid foundation, but be just as nimble to readjust when necessary. 

Q. Who is the most inspiring entrepreneur whom you have met to date? 

Tom Burell, a marketing communications pioneer who is a recognized leader and change-agent credited with revolutionizing the use of positive and realistic images of African Americans in television advertising. His award-winning work acknowledged the purchasing power of the African American community. I’m lucky to call him and his equally impressive wife, Madeleine, my mentor also. 

Q. What advice do you have for other aspiring women entrepreneurs? 

Just do it.  A lot of us don’t act on our ambitions or magic because of fear.  Let it go, believe and work your a** off. 

Q. What are your top three must-read content sources for entrepreneurs, e.g. websites, blogs, podcasts?  

Entrepreneur.com, Startup Podcast on GimletMedia.com, Foundr Magazine and Goalcast.com for a nice boost.