5 Q's With Jennifer Hardcastle, Founder of MADSTUDIOS


“The spaces in which we create matter. It is a safe haven for our undiscovered best work.” - Jenn & Geoff Hardcastle

We sat down with Jennifer Hardcastle, Founder of MADSTUDIOS and WIN Lab entrepreneur to learn more about her company which allows creative professionals to access unique spaces in which to create their art and to hear her advice for fellow entrepreneurs.


Q. Tell us what prompted you to start your venture, MADSTUDIOS?

I was a signed recording artist here in Miami a few years ago. As a creative, I found it extremely difficult to find spaces to record in, create creative content, and at times rehearse. There was nothing that existed to help equip me with the tools I needed to succeed in the industry. The entertainment industry is hard enough as it is. The last thing you want to worry about is finding spaces to book to create the content you need to get yourself out there. It would take weeks on end to get a response from studio owners or managers regarding availability and pricing. It was also a huge challenge to find them in the first place.  Naturally I wanted to do something about it… so I did. We created MADSTUDIOS in hopes of equipping people with the necessary tools they need to create. We are an online booking platform for all types of Creative Spaces. You can search for recording studios, dance studios, art & production studios, and venues to book by the hour. We’re giving people access to a wide variety of spaces and direct contact to the amazing studio and venue owners that run them.


Q. What has been your greatest success so far in your entrepreneurial journey and why?

I think the greatest success so far in my entrepreneurial journey has been the release and launch of our iOS app back in February of 2017. Our team worked so long and hard to release the application and finally launching was one of the greatest moments for my partners and myself. Our launch party was a huge success as we hosted it at one of our featured galleries. We had over 350 initial downloads on launch day and have been pushing forward since. I’m really excited for what’s to come this year.


Q. What is one of the most important things you have learned while building your venture?

I’ve learned many important things while building MADSTUDIOS. I’ve learned that the WHY has been the most important factor in building and sustaining MADSTUDIOS. The Why has been what differentiates us from competition. It’s a constant reminder and foundation as we create user experiences and add things that truly matter for our users. I’ve also learned that time is no respecter of persons. Great things take time to build. I’ve come to terms with not being an overnight success. I’ve learned that if I remind myself of the “Why” all things will come together in due time. Another lesson I’ve learned is that you can’t be on this journey alone. An amazing team of individuals who have various skillsets from digital marketing, tech & web development, business development, management, event coordinating, etc. surrounds me. I am beyond thankful for them.  


Q. Who is the most inspiring entrepreneur whom you have met to date?

I would have to say Samantha Jo Alonso who has become like a sister to me. She is one of the most creative and inspiring female entrepreneurs I’ve ever met. She is all things Fashion, Fitness, and most importantly Community. She truly cares about the well being of people. It shows through her business and personal life. She is the co-founder of Fruition and Founder of MIP Worldwide. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur who is changing the world, she is an amazing friend who always has a minute to talk through ideas and challenges.


Q. What are your top three must-read content sources for entrepreneurs, e.g. websites, blogs, podcasts?

  • How Successful People Think by John C. Maxwell
  • Hegarty on Creativity - There Are No Rules by John Hegarty
  • Podcast: How I Built it


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