Top Reasons To Apply To The WIN Lab (But Don't Take Our Word For It...)


Each year the WIN Lab brings together women entrepreneurs who are looking to growth their businesses. Joining the WIN Lab for a diverse set of reasons, from accessing world-renowned Babson pedagogy to expanding their stakeholder network, each startup benefits in unique ways. We asked some of our WIN Lab alumnae to share what they got out of the program. Here's what they said:

10. "I would be hard-pressed to find the same sense of community that the accelerator itself creates with other women entrepreneurs and the hundreds of stakeholders who surround them. I have developed incredible friendships and we all feel a strong sense of responsibility to the community."

9. "The experts who have come in as speakers to develop the content sessions created by the WIN Lab team have been top quality. I have walked out each week with new business knowledge that is applicable to my startup."

8. "The six milestone presentations over the course of the program kept me accountable, while forcing me to take a step back from the day-to-day to think of my company in a holistic manner. It pushed me forward even when I felt that I wasn't necessarily ready."

7. "My coach is fantastic! I have been thrilled with our work together and am grateful for the time that she has volunteered to spend with me and with the WIN Lab."

6. "Babson's world-renowned pedagogy has given me new access to data that I wouldn't have otherwise had and can now leverage to make my startup successful."

5. "The financial sessions were invaluable. They laid the foundation for me to be able to understand and communicate my numbers."

4. "The WIN Lab has pushed me to become more efficient by enabling me to prioritize my time. I continue to cross important tasks off my list, which has been not only satisfying and fulfilling but has also allowed me to move my business forward."

3. "The Lab taught me about strategic accountability and allowed me to not just move forward with growing my business but to put everything I have into doing it now."

2. "Every content session and milestone presentation shapes my startup. Information and knowledge that I did not have around my business before now gives me a base to explore further, sharpen, and move forward strategically."

1. "The WIN Lab has challenged me to think more deeply about my business from a diverse range of perspectives that I didn't have before. This new knowledge and understanding has been fundamental in scaling my startup faster and smarter."

Interested in joining the next WIN Lab cohort of women entrepreneurs? Head here to learn more about our application cycle!