TeaRado Tech Debuts First Self-Heating Smart Tea Tumbler at CES 2019


While the US tea industry is only $25 billion away from being on par with coffee, there are still far less products for the tea enthusiast on the market than there are for java fans. TeaRado Tech is debuting the only self-heating smart tea tumbler that executes the heating of water, steeping of tea leaves and removal of the leaves with no power source required, at CES 2019, January 8 through January 11, at The Venetian in Las Vegas in Sands, Hall G, Eureka Park, booth #52726.

TeaRado Tech’s eco-friendly and sustainable self-heating smart tea tumbler heats water from room temperature to 170 degrees Fahrenheit without a power source, in less than 20 minutes. To brew tea, the tumbler utilizes an automatic reverse French press that allows the loose leaf tea leaves to be exposed to water for a set duration of time before pushing them out of the water and sealing them off in a vacuum until the second steep or the user disposes them.

Each tumbler will make two cups of tea at a time, is fully portable during the heating process and maintains liquid temperature for up to 13 hours. Removable, rechargeable batteries will be included with each self-heating smart tea tumbler.

The corresponding app allows the user to control steep time, water temperature and will integrate seamlessly with other smart devices.

Living in London for a year, TeaRado Tech founder Nicole Tirado, discovered that tea was more than a beverage for when she was sick, like she experienced in the US. Daily tea consumption was increasing her focus and energy, decreasing stress and not leaving her with coffee jitters. Tirado’s desire to consume tea all day was faulted when the water got cold, was spilling on her tan pants before presentations from transferring loose leaf tea infusers and the cups weren’t appeasing to the eye for business.

“TeaRado Tech’s self-heating smart tea tumbler is a direct result of realizing how tea improved my professional and personal life. The technology is the first self-heating and self-steeping tumbler on the market, taking away extra, unnecessary steps when you’re on-the-go,” said Nicole Tirado, founder of TeaRado Tech. “It’s been said that loose leaf tea has benefits such as lowering cholesterol, reducing inflammation, mental clarity, increasing energy and weight control. TeaRado Tech’s self-heating smart tea tumbler is designed to encourage consumers to make healthier choices, without having to consider logistics.”

While TeaRado Tech’s self-heating smart tea tumbler prototype was in development, founder Nicole Tirado successfully launched tea accessories such at The Productivitea Spoon, The No Mess Infuser, The Productivitea Bottle and loose leaf teas Yaupon On The Go and Mate On The Go. Tirado’s research to ensure quality and satisfaction included traveling to 46 international cities, experiencing their tea culture, connecting with tea-loving strangers, and learning the simplicity of creating a delectable tasting tea.

TeaRado Tech’s self-heating smart tea tumbler will retail for $150, including the app. A crowdfunding campaign is set to launch in 2019 and direct to consumer and retail orders are estimated to start being fulfilled in January 2020.

For more information, please visit TeaRado Tech at CES booth #52726 or visit www.TeaRado.Tech.