An Advisor's Advice on Staying Motivated and Taking the Entrepreneurial Leap


Each day, take small steps in the right direction moving closer and closer to your goal. One day, opportunity will meet preparation and things will align. You will realize you are who you wanted to be and you will be ready to take the leap.

Angela Moore, Founder and CEO of Modern Money Advisor, made it her personal mission to provide guidance and insight to the people ignored by the big financial firms. Here, we sit down with Angela to understand how she stays motivated, what work-life balance looks like, and her advice for emerging women entrepreneurs.

Tell us about Modern Money Advisor.

Modern Money Advisor is a subscription-based financial planning, financial coaching and financial literacy firm catering to the the Gen X and Y professional, those of us looking for solutions to tackle student loan debt and a strong foundation for wealth accumulation. It’s our mission to give young professionals access to financial advice and education, no matter what their income bracket. By offering virtual services with high tech automation features, we're offering one on one financial planning, group financial coaching and self-paced online financial classes.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the company’s start.

The short version of the story is that I made so many financial mistakes early on in my career and a financial advisor changed my life! Afterwards, I decided to become a financial advisor myself and even though the firm I worked with focused on high net worth clients, I had a passion for helping other people like me, so I volunteered in the community and helped people with their finances outside of work hours. At one point, I had so many people coming to me for help that I realized I could no longer help and work my full time job, so I found a way to help people that large financial firms were overlooking and make a living doing it.

You have a wide range of offerings for your clients. Where did you start when you first launched the business so that you weren’t overwhelmed by the bigger picture?

I had a clear vision of exactly what I wanted to offer from the beginning, but I was limited on time to create it all so I started with what I know best and what comes naturally which is financial planning. I then added financial coaching and the online classes are the current roll-out. This is just the beginning as there is more to come.

You are a big part of your company. How do you create separation between your personal and professional lives?

I run my business the same way I did when I worked for a large corporation. I set boundaries with clients and have specific office hours. Like many entrepreneurs, some of my best work happens at very odd hours, sometimes late night. During the day, I may take a break to go for a bike ride or go grocery shopping. It's strange, I haven't been stressed at all since I quit my job although I've worked more and harder than ever before.

What has been the most rewarding part of starting and growing a business?

The most rewarding part of having my own brand, own services and own company is the profound support I've received. Friends, family, and complete strangers have all given me an overwhelming level of support.

What do you think are three crucial ingredients in staying motivated?

I’m motivated by my big picture end goals which I have written out, spoken out loud and curated onto my vision board. In addition, positive feedback from existing clients and other female founders keeps me passionate. Knowing that I'm making a positive difference in people's lives while also working toward huge personal goals keeps me motivated. I'm good at taking small breaks and then being super productive. I'm more productive now than I've ever been before because I’m building something that I created .... it's literally like my baby.

What advice do you have for other aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to start something?

Write it down, plan it out and then each day, take small steps in the right direction moving closer and closer to your goal. One day, opportunity will meet preparation and things will align. You will realize you are who you wanted to be and you will be ready to take the leap. It takes mental, strategic and financial preparation.

Why did you join the WIN Lab?

I know that I don't know it all. I'm a great and passionate financial advisor but not an expert entrepreneur. Having access to professional and expert advice and coaching along with the sisterhood of bonding with the other BOSS women entrepreneurs in the program is life changing.


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