Loveleaf Co. Partners with Whole Foods for 7 Day Challenge


WIN Lab entrepreneur Ally Milligan of Loveleaf Co. has spent the last few months working with the Boston Whole Foods Market team to bring all of you something special this month! To kick off the new year, they launched a 7 Day Salad Challenge. The premise is simple; all you have to do is eat one salad a day. And they know a thing or two about salads. Loveleaf Co. provides the shopping list and a week of healthy, seasonal salad and bowl recipes. And you eat the salads. For seven days. It’s a simple habit that just might change your life and they're excited to show you how.

Here's what to do. (It's 100% free to participate by the way!)...

Sign up for the challenge here and at the start of the 7-Day Salad Challenge, the Loveleaf Co. team will send you a shopping list and seven delicious salad recipes. You’ll buy groceries at Whole Foods Market before the Challenge starts and on Monday you will make the first salad. Each day of the week you’ll prepare a different salad recipe and enjoy it for whatever meal is most convenient for you. Also worth noting, these aren’t salads that won't satiate; they are designed to be complete meals that won’t leave you hangry.

If you're interested in seeing it all for yourself, we encourage you to go see CEO Ally Milligan at a Whole Foods this weekend and talk to her all about the challenge and everything else that she's building. Here are the dates:


South End (Ink Block) Whole Foods Market:
Thursday, January 12th from 4pm - 7pm

Dedham Whole Foods Market:
Friday, January 27th from 11am - 2pm

Charlestown Whole Foods Market:
Saturday, January 28th from 11am - 3pm

We hope you enjoy your salads! We know we will.

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