Mother’s Day Series: Bernette Dawson, Founder and CEO of Made Organics

Mother’s Day has a bit of a nostalgia that arrives with it. Many of us are brought back to times when our moms made our lives better. Whether it was picking us up when we fell, packing us snacks for an adventure outside, or teaching us the hard lessons that we needed to learn in life, mothers have a lasting impact on who we become. To celebrate these heroines, we’re taking a closer look at three moms (Shiva, Bernette, and Carla) who took on the risk of entrepreneurship in order to make the lives of their kids better. 


Bernette Dawson, Founder and CEO of Made Organics, was a mom determined to make life less irritating. After a particularly harsh winter in Boston, Dawson tried using traditional body lotions to help alleviate her son’s dry skin. When those attempts to use over-the-counter treatments led to strong allergic reactions, this entrepreneur took matters, and a collection of all natural ingredients, into her own hands. Dawson began developing a greater understanding of the harsh ingredients that go into some of our everyday products and spent her evenings whipping together all natural ingredients inside of her home.

As the snow melted away, so too did the allergic reactions. Dawson’s products were a success and her son’s allergies became no match for the new body products that this budding entrepreneur had concocted. Quickly, the rest of Dawson’s family began to fall in love with her all-natural body butters and then her friends got wind of the new products too. Their popularity began to soar and Dawson decided it was time to turn this into more than just a family secret. That’s when Made Organics was born.

The good news continued as Bernette Dawson set off on building her new product into a company. Not only were they a natural remedy that her entire family could use, but were also part of a rapidly growing market. One that is expected to be valued at almost 22 billion by 2024. And while the market growth is no joke, neither are the potential problems that can arise from using synthetic products. Some parabens and phthalates, for instance, have been associated with a number of serious health problems, including infertility, allergies, and breast cancer. And as the news of that reality has arisen, so too has the all-natural beauty space.

It should come as no surprise then, that Made Organics is founded on the belief that if your mom approves, it must be good. In fact, that is the cornerstone of their brand: Mother Approved Daily Essentials. Now with over 35 products on their e-commerce shelves, Made Organics takes tremendous pride in what goes into their products and ultimately what goes onto your skin.

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