A Healthy Dose of Health and Wellness Startups Join WIN

This year, Health and Wellness is well represented in Boston’s WIN Lab as four of the twenty three incoming WINners are concentrated in this category. Of the Health and Wellness WINners, there are several entrepreneurs developing online networks to connect you with a team who wants to help you get, and stay, healthy, while other WINners are looking to improve the quality of elders’ independence. Either way, these WINners are striving toward a better, healthier, future for you and your loved ones. Boston’s 2017 Health and Wellness WINners are:

Joia Spinelli.JPG
Jayanthi Narasimhan.jpg
Scarlet Batchelor_2.JPG

Scarlet Batchelor of COEO Fitness
COEO is an app networking together the triad of boutique fitness studios, instructors, and clients with a focus on instructors as the powerful backbone to the ecosystem.

Joia Spinelli of Global Joy
"Create your own health team". Get the support you deserve to stay and be healthy. A platform that matches and allocates practitioners, coaches, and specialists to your health needs and supports you on your health journey. Monthly membership.

Liz O’Donnell of Rent-A-Sister
Rent A Sister provides support services for family caregivers. Via a team of experienced, compassionate family ambassadors Rent A Sister offers the strategic, tactical and emotional support families need to manage eldercare.

Jayanthi Narasimhan of Watch Rx
WatchRx offers a smartwatch with phone & GPS to help seniors take their meds on time, live independent with dignity, reminders showing the name, dosage and image, emergency calls & live GPS tracking and alerts caregivers for missed medication, GPS, emergency via caregiver app.


AUTHOR: Mira Kennedy