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Work with other great developers, experienced mentors, and founders to brainstorm solutions to pressing issues in support of these female-founded technical companies in a 24-hour competition, commencing TBD and ending TBD. Showcase your ideas, win prizes, and connect with partnering sponsors.


  • Attendees from all backgrounds, genders, gender identities, and geographies are welcome.
  • You must be 18 years or older to participate as a hacker.
  • Hackathon organization members may assist teams as mentors during the coding/development phase.
  • There is no country restriction but you must be eligible to receive prizes (in case you win). You are responsible for paying any taxes on the prize winnings.
  • We are looking for hackers (full-stack, front-end, iOS, Android), UX/UI designers, problem solvers, and enthusiastic community members to join together for WIN Hacks.


  • Participating companies will describe their coding projects and ask that you match your skill set to the challenge presented. Organizers reserve the right to re-assign team members.
  • When you register, you will be asked to read and sign an agreement to participate. (A small stipend will be paid to you by the founders at the end of the hackathon, at the founders discretion. We recommend $50, but we know you’re in this for the challenge, the glory, and to support female founders, RIGHT?!)


Hackathons offer several opportunities for founders in addition to testing out code for a new feature. It is a great way to meet new people who might be interested in joining your team and it can also be a great way for potential team members to practice working together. The focus of a hackathon makes it an excellent place to build connections, to foster new ones and to build your network within the tech community. Projects must come from a company that is majority owned by a self-identified woman or women.


Describe your project as completely as possible, including hackers skill set needed, desired outcome and compensation. We’ll have our experts review your project and will be in touch with any questions. 

  • We require that you or a representative be at the event to present at the opening and closing ceremony, and be available to your team for questions.


Hackers and Female Founders: Sign Up HERE to participate in this great event!



What is a WINHacks hackathon?
WIN Hacks brings together software engineers, designers, and female founders building technology companies or companies that use technology from around the Northeast. Our mission is to connect the top hackers with female-founded technology companies for a collaborative, fun, competitive 24 hour sprint to support female-led technology companies.  

Who can come?
WINHacks welcomes enthusiastic hackers from all over the world! Whether you are a college student, professional engineer, or designer, as long as you share the passion for hacking, you are welcome.

Do I need to have a team to register?
No, you do not need to have a team to register. Up to four of you can sign up as a team, but If you don’t have a team in mind, no worries! Once you are selected, we can help you find a team.

What will I be building?
Each founder will be doing a short pitch at the opening ceremony so if you aren't sure which team you would like to work on, you can see what appeals to you and join if there’s an opening. We will be matching teams based on skills with a female founder who is coming prepared with a challenge they would like you to to tackle.

What should I bring?
All you need is a valid ID and a laptop (AND a laptop charger). We will provide the rest!

Do I need to bring any sleepover stuff?
Hackers are encouraged to bring pillows, blankets, toiletries, etc.

Do I need to sleepover?
You do not need to stay over night, but that’s part of the fun! You must attend the opening and closing ceremony.

Application Deadline?
All participants can apply via XXX. The deadline for our pre-round selection is MM DDth. We will review applications on a rolling basis. The first 150 pre-round selection application by MM DDth will be considered as Early Bird applications. Fill out the Application by MM DDth for a higher chance to be selected!

How do I apply?
All you need to do is to fill out this application with your information (link here). Although the deadline is MM DDth, we have a cap of 120 hackers and will notify applicants on a first come first serve basis.

What does it cost?
WIN Hacks is free for all accepted hackers. After you fill out the pre-round application, we will notify you via email once you are selected. We will provide meals, caffeine, swag, workspace, and WiFi for the duration of the hackathon. Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse travel expenses. If you have a special diet or any allergies, we recommend you bring your own food. There will be a refrigerator and microwave available.

Please feel free to email us at: