The WIN LAB intensity track offers current Babson MBA students the opportunity to gain course credit for the intensive women’s accelerator experience offered by the WIN LAB.  Throughout, women entrepreneurs will transform into CEOs through rigorous entrepreneurship coursework, applied experiences, mentoring, and milestone achievements designed to move early-stage ventures from prototype to successful launch and growth.  This track experience combines an 8 month, 3 credit lab experience with a series of entrepreneurship electives and is  comprised of a minimum of 9 credits, including the pre-requisite EPS7500, the 3 credit WIN LAB, two semester experience, and 3 credits of electives.  

Graduates of the WIN LAB Intensity Track will receive a special designation at Commencement. In its pilot year, the WIN Lab Intensity Track course will be registered as an independent study.

If you're interested in applying, please scroll down for application deadlines and links.


The WIN Lab intensity track provides students with a cohort of like-minded women entrepreneurs with the common goal to develop high-growth ventures. The experience includes:

  • Weekly three-hour sessions with faculty and practitioner advisors that will provide students with the technical expertise and skills needed to build market traction while exposing them to a wide range of entrepreneurship stakeholders including serial entrepreneurs, service providers, and investors

  • Each student is paired with a compatibility-matched coach that meets with them a minimum of twice a month throughout the duration of the program

  • A series of public events, often in collaboration with other ecosystem partners, provides access to strategic networks and opportunities that enable business launch and growth

  • Private office hours with a wide range of experts who share experience-based insights


Completion of the WINLAB Intensity Track- at least 9 credits

  • Successful completion of pre or co-requisite class, EPS7500 New Venture Creation (3 credits)

  • Successful completion of the 8-month, two-semester, WIN LAB Intensity Track (3 credits)

  • Successful completion of 3 credits of Entrepreneurship Electives (see full list at the bottom of this page)


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the WIN Lab experience, students will understand: 
•    Viable avenues of growth for their ventures. Students are required to create and execute a venture growth plan that includes a customer acquisition and funding strategy.
•    The structure of an effective mentorship relationship and how to drive and manage the stakeholder process. Students are required to attend two coaching sessions a month with their compatibility-matched coach.  
•    The gendered elements of the start-up ecosystem. Students reflect on how these factors impact their entrepreneurial experience. 


Phase I: Developing the Growth Plan

  • Intensive Leadership Retreat (September): The WIN Lab begins with a three-day “Startup of You” Retreat that includes successful women keynote speakers and content sessions on topics such as: founder strengths, thinking big, Babson’s entrepreneurial thought and action methodology.

  • Deliverable: Students produce and deliver a personal, ted-talk style presentation that shares a key entrepreneurial life experience.

Milestone I: Avenues for Growth (September) 
WIN challenges participants to strategically identity their key avenues of growth. Milestone I workshops highlight topics such as: identifying market opportunity and size, identifying avenues for growth, and exit strategy. Using Babson’s entrepreneurial thought and action methodology, students will design and execute market tests that evaluate their growth avenues. They are matched one-on-one with mentors, and begin monthly coaching sessions. 
Deliverable:  Students pitch their growth avenues, metrics, and market test results to a panel of experts for feedback. They will be evaluated on their slides, preparation, and presentation skills. 

Milestone II: Customer Acquisition (October) 
Customer Acquisition is a key driver of growth. Milestone II workshops explore topics such as start-up marketing strategy, digital and social marketing tactics, and sales. To complete Milestone II students must create a refined pitch that shows: key customer acquisition activities, timeline, and budget for the upcoming year, as well as an action plan focused on building and growing sales channels. 
Deliverable:  Students are evaluated on their customer acquisition plans and required to present them in a small roundtable format to peers and invited experts. 

Milestone III: The Growth Plan (November) 
As a culmination of Phase I, WINners are required to pitch their exit strategy, avenues for growth, and overall plan to scale during Phase II of the Lab. 
Deliverable: Students present a fifteen-minute presentation that includes: three-year financial projections, refined marketing and sales plan, and an initial gap analysis that identifies the resources needed to scale. They are evaluated on their growth plans and presentation. 

Phase II: Executing the Growth Plan

  • Power and Influence Bootcamp (January): This two-day intensive bootcamp includes workshops on executive leadership, negotiation, and advisory board development, delivered by a variety of faculty and experts from the start-up ecosystem. Students participate in a mock-board meeting.

  • Deliverable: Students are evaluated on their preparation and participation in a mock-board meeting.

Milestone IV: The Launch Plan (February) 
Phase II of the Lab includes the implementation of the growth plan and students are required to create a detailed action plan for the execution of their growth initiatives. This plan includes a detailed timeline, metrics for success, and a complete resource management plan that addresses business gaps. Workshops include strategic planning and project management, negotiation, and operations planning and management. Students have two months to execute on their growth plans before completing the Lab, and receive intensive peer coaching and feedback. 
Deliverable: Students are evaluated on their three-month launch plan. 

Milestone V: Mastering Entrepreneurial Finance (March) 
Milestone IV workshops include entrepreneurial finance, mastering the venture pitch, and the process of raising growth capital. To complete Milestone IV, students must perfect their three year financials (cash flow statement, income statement, and balance sheet) and present their funding pitch to a panel of experts and investors. 
Deliverable: Students are evaluated on their ten-minute, ten-slide funding pitch. 

Milestone VI: Report to the Board: Quarter I Results (April) 
Winners have two months to execute on their growth plan before completing the Lab. Throughout this process they receive intensive coaching and peer feedback. To complete Milestone VI, WINners must host a professional board meeting and present their first quarter results to experts and special guests. 
Deliverable: Students are evaluated on the preparation of their board materials, their ability to facilitate a board meeting with invited guests, and the results of their growth plan.

Approved Academic Course List of 3 credit, and 1.5 credit, courses:

EPS7510 Entrepreneurial Finance formerly titled Financing the Entrepreneurial Venture 

EPS7520 Managing Growing Businesses 


EPS7539 Future Trends in Entrepreneurial Ventures 

MBA7518 Solving Big Problems


MKT7542 Digital Marketing 

MOB7521 Developing International Ventures (Formerly MOB7170)

EPS7552 The Gig Economy and the New Entrepreneurial Imperative  

EPS9555: Public Policy Entrepreneurship Intensive 


EPS7547 Women's Entrepreneurship and Leadership

MKT7510 Marketing Research and Analysis


MOB7511 (formerly MOB7120) Negotiations



Are you a current Babson graduate student who is interested in participating in the WIN Lab as a part of the WIN Lab Intensity Track? The information above should allow you to understand what the requirements are around the track.

To apply, simply fill out the standard WIN Lab application and be sure to check the radio button that indicates you are interested in participating in the WIN Lab intensity track.

Application Due: May 31 at 5pm EST
All materials and application must be submitted by the deadline. Don’t forget your executive summary! 

Semi-finalist interviews: June 7 – June 21
Applicants selected to move to the next round of admissions will be invited to participate in a 30 minute semi-finalist interview with a member of the WIN Lab team. 

Finalist Pitch Days: June 28 & 29
Semi-finalist applicants selected to move to the last round of admissions will be invited to pitch in-person to a panel of esteemed experts. The top applicants will be selected for the 2018 – 2019 cohort. 

WINners Announced: Week of July 13th  
Notifications will be sent to the sixth WIN Lab Boston cohort.

Please note, while the WIN Lab application may ask for an application fee, current Babson students automatically have that fee waived.