Sixth Boston WIN Lab Cohort Announced!

Babson College’s Boston WIN Lab® is excited to announce the 2018-2019 cohort, bringing in nineteen teams from a diverse set of industries ranging from fashion and food to web-enabled software solutions.

The five month long accelerator was built by the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership at Babson College, the #1 ranked college for the study of entrepreneurship, and was developed six years ago to offer an accelerator specifically for female founders building startups at both Babson College and in the City of Boston. The WIN Lab has two current programs, one in Miami and one in Boston, and is excited to welcome both cohorts to this year’s program.

We are thrilled to introduce the Boston cohort members below. To see who is joining the Miami WIN Lab, head here.

Artemis-Bag-Logo - Milicent Armstrong.png

Milicent Armstrong | Founder & Designer

At Artemis Design Co., we are best known for our charming one-ofa-kind Kilim Shoes. They are handmade from actual Turkish Kilim carpets, so they are a conversation piece as much as a fashion accessory. Our signature, our Kilim Shoes, have developed a sort of cult following with women and men around the world.

In a broader sense, our mission is to enhance the everyday lives of our customers by providing them with uncommonly beautiful and charming products and a unique experience through the rich backstory of the textiles used to create them, the cultures of their origin, and our passion for an exceptional customer experience above all else.

BARRE GROOVE. 1 - Alanna Perry.jpg

Alanna Perry | Founder & Owner

Barre Groove is a fun, boutique fitness studio offering innovative and effective workouts that you can’t find anywhere else!

Atlas Meat Free Delicatessen.jpg

Ashland Stansbury | Founder & CEO

Because is a Corporate Social Responsibility SaaS platform that helps
Enterprise businesses build a “business case” for CSR, by helping them,
1. Engage & track their customer interactions with their CSR Initiatives and,
2. Measure how those engagements are actually impacting their brand and customer relationships.

bharat babies

Sailaja N. Joshi | Founder & CEO

Bharat Babies is an indie publishing house that shares the stories of India through children’s books, magazines, and digital media. Founded in 2014, the company has bootstrapped funding to produce thirteen books across four different product categories. The company has committed itself to diversifying the face of children’s lit, one story at a time.

btiptpng - Caroline Wise.png

Caroline Wise | Founder

bTIPt is a cash-free tipping solution. bTIPt makes thanking employees easy, while providing companies with real time tipping analytics.

CQ logo - Suzy Sharpe.png

Suzy Sharpe | Founder & CEO

CastingQual is a B2B SaaS that gives companies everything they need to create, grow & manage their own database of qualitative research participants. We make it easy for insights-driven companies to “get out of the building” often and talk to their target audience.

logo_01 - Alison Rogers.jpg

Alison Rogers | Founder

Coffee Cup Collective is a cup-sharing company. Patrons of independent coffee shops in Boston can opt-in to using our cups. They then enjoy their coffee, and return the cup to conveniently located bins throughout the city. We collect the cups, clean, and redistribute to the independent coffee shops. This is the bike sharing equivalent for coffee cups!

We are building both an app and the cup cleaning and distribution network. Customers use our app to pay for their coffee and track the cups they have in use.


Renee Fry | CEO & Co-Founder

Gentreo is the web-enabled software solution that makes the financial and legal aspects of eldercare planning easy, affordable and accessible for the over 45M American seniors and their 60M children who need eldercare planning tools today.

Simple Hope Sews (7) - Maya Mutalik.PNG

Maya Mutalik | Founder & CEO

Hope Sews is a social venture that sells modern clothing made out of authentic Ghanaian fabrics and prints and provides seamstresses facing financial hardship with sewing machines in rural areas of Ghana.

Kreyol_White LOGO (1) - Kreyol Sales.jpg

Joelle Fontaine | CEO

I Am Kréyol is a high-end women’s fashion brand whose goal is to utilize fashion as an empowerment tool for the women who wear & create our garments. We aim to serve as a catalyst for change with job creation through production, for disenfranchised women, specifically in Haiti.

Knowing Nanny Large - Delilah Celeste.png

Delilah Atkinson | Founder

Knowing Nanny are here to reduce turnover by providing families and nanny agencies with the personality profiles of potential nannies. Our on-line screening service takes under 20 minutes, is available in 33 languages and helps with selecting the right nanny from anywhere in the world!

Lauren Morgan-01.png

Lauren Morgan | Founder & CEO

Just like with our food, we believe the people and places that make our clothes are important. We make waxed cotton rain jackets with organic cotton and a non-toxic beeswax-blend water repellent wax, made in America from the cotton in Texas to the stitching in Massachusetts.


Magbe Savane | President

Makomas offers all natural, healthy teas and juices with flavors based on traditional African recipes passed down from generations. We pride ourselves on the simplicity of our ingredients. Because we forgo polluting our products with anything artificial, or with any added sugar, our products stand alone on quality and taste. Also, we give back to women Farmers in West Africa.

SavoryLiving_logo_blk_5.3.16 - Sue Levy.png

Sue R. Levy | Founder & CEO

Savory Living is a digital healthy eating program that puts you in control of how you eat and feel for life. Participants learn how to eat right for them, and master the cooking and flavoring skills to turn it into an easy, delicious and sustainable lifestyle.

Seed Planter Logo ngang - Linh Le.png

Linh Le | Founder & CEO

Seed Planter is an entrepreneurship institute in Vietnam for aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs who want to make an impact.

Shay Jaffar New Logo - Shaymaa Gaafar.png

Shaymaa Gaafar | Founder

Shay Jaffar is a luxury fashion brand that creates glamorous modest attire for modern confident women. We believe that modesty is also freedom! Why? Because it is a choice and choice is powerful. Shay Jaffar creates glamour through modesty and celebrate the power of choice.

Emily Cronin | Co-Founder

SportsRiot creates sports-centric festival experiences in unique destinations for adults to connect with others and celebrate a shared love of sports.Our purpose is to allow adults to make lifelong memories and celebrate a nostalgic love of sports – free of pressure or structure. We have a vision to bring people happiness and alleviate stress through participation in sports, which promotes physical and mental health and encourages social interaction. We have had success with our flagship outdoor pond hockey tournament, Frostbite Face-Off, and plan to replicate the same business model by running soccer and lacrosse tournaments in cities all over the country, while simultaneously expanding our pond hockey offerings to new cities.

LOGO_7_20 - Chloris Yang.png

Ruohan Yang | Co-Founder & CEO

Thero is making life on Earth easier by bringing space-grade materials to consumer goods. Our first product is a coffee mug that cools down scalding hot coffee to the perfect drinking temperature in one minute and keeps it there for hours. Thero hopes to use the portable beverage-ware market as a beachhead. After establishing a foothold in this market, we plan to expand our product line to include other applications of the heat regulating material that makes our products so special.


Allison Yee | Founder

UpNext is a boutique agency specializing in experiential and immersive retail strategy. As a platform for brands, developers and entrepreneurs, UpNext cultivates pop-ups and other innovative formats that blur the lines across retail, restaurant, office, hotel and residential spaces and bring sensory art and design to the forefront.